Benefits and Quality Assurance

1. Selecting seed and growers:
Nanton Nutraceuticals uses only ARRGO grown Rhodiola rosea. The ARRGO seed stock was originally obtained from by the Government of Alberta from the government of Finland. Over a period of several years, the Alberta department of agriculture carefully selected parent plants for both the harsh Alberta climate and their ability to produce targeted active medicinal compounds. The resulting seed stock was certified by the Government of Alberta and provided to ARRGO growers. Only ARRGO growers have access to the certified seed.

All ARRGO growers are certified under the World Health Organization's Good Agricultural Collection Practices (GAACP). These guidelines are designed to:

  1. contribute to the quality assurance of medicinal plant materials used as the source for herbal medicines to improve the quality, safety and efficacy of finished herbal products;
  2. guide the formulation of GACP monographs for medicinal plants and related standard operating procedures; and
  3. encourage and support the sustainable cultivation and collection of medicinal plants of good quality in ways that respect and support the conservation of medicinal plants and the environment in general.

2. Prior to harvest:
Samples from each ARRGO growers field is submitted an independent certified laboratory and tested for 12 important compounds. If the samples fail to meet the ARRGO standard, the farmer must keep that crop in the ground until the following year.

3. Dry and prepare root for extraction, then further testing:
Fresh roots are delivered to the processing plant to be chipped and dehydrated at low temperature to preserve active ingredients. Each farmer's roots are bagged separately and given a unique, traceable ID number, allowing Nanton Nutraceuticals  to trace all roots back to the original field in which they were grown. The dried root is then tested again to ensure it meets the ARRGO quality standard. The  root is then immediately shipped to Canadian Phytopharmaceuticals Corp.

4. Extraction Process testing:
CanPhyto are extraction specialists who create the Rhodiola powdered extract to the Nanton Nutraceuticals  specification. ( They test the root again on arrival to confirm the   ARRGO results and inspect for molds or other contaminants.

5. Certificate of Approval:
After CanPhyto completes the extraction process, they adjust the concentration of active compounds in the powdered extract to ensure at least 3% total rosavins - the industry standard. The extracted product is then tested yet again; this time for active compounds, heavy metals, and bacteria. This set of tests is especially stringent, as all results must be made available to Health Canada. The Rhoziva Powdered Extract is then shipped to BioPak in Edmonton Alberta. BioPak is a fully GMP certified manufacturer who are also certified for the United Kingdom and Asian countries.

6. Formula preparation testing:
Prior to creating the Rhoziva formula, the Rhodiola powdered extract and  pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals used are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure potency.

7. Formulation process testing:
Nanton Nutraceuticals retains an expert formulator in the United States to establish the specifications for mixing each batch of finished product in order to ensure that the final product is consistent and maintains the proper ratio of ingredients. At this stage, a small amount of the newly blended product is then encapsulated. The product is again put through a comprehensive set of tests to ensure the correct blend and potency, and also to ensure that no contamination of the product has occurred in the manufacturing process. Nanton Nutraceuticals ensures that all active ingredients are above the required standards.

8. Third party audit:
Both CanPhyto and BioPak are reliable, solid, certified companies and provide a high level of assurance as to the quality of our finished product. However, Nanton Nutraceuticals also engages an independent, highly regarded quality assurance expert to audit and maintain our extremely high standards for quality and safety throughout the manufacturing process. Our auditor applies pharmaceutical standards to our manufacturing process. These are the same Quality Assurance standards he applies when he is working for Pfizer or Merck or other such companies.
Testing Protocol

At each step of the above Quality Assurance program, the testing referred to is conducted by Dr. Brian Sloley of Phytovox in Edmonton Alberta. In those instances where other laboratories also conduct HPLC  testing, Nanton Nutraceuticals has Dr. Sloley run parallel testing to ensure continuity of results.  Dr. Sloley holds a PHD in brain chemistry and is an expert in HPLC and Mass Spectrometry.  He is widely published, holds 5 patents and has submissions for two others in process.